About us

Drones used to be simple toys, but not anymore. They are more complex, more capable of doing complicated tasks and operations and they are even clever. That’s why we are here and we are ready to assist you. New drones are sophisticated devices which need careful handling and use. They can be used for many purposes, but only if you choose a correct drone.

Our Mission

The primary mission will be to assist you with the first choice. We will test, review and compare different models that are popular, high-end and even entry-level models. In return, you will get the ability to find the best drone for you within minutes and to start flying as soon as possible. We can add that we are also focused on professional users who have been flying drones for months or even years. Of course, separate attention will be focused on drones for expert pilots.

The second mission we have in front of us is to assist you with upgrades and with knowledge related. Eventually, you will need a drone that is better than your previous one, more advanced and more powerful. We are here to help. Each unit will be carefully tested by experts and it will be presented to you with the most accurate data possible.

The third mission we have is to help you perfect your flying. Especially if you are a beginner, flying may look complicated or even impossible. With us, you will become a professional pilot in no time and you will be able to meet the highest expectations you may have today.

Droniweb is a place dedicated to drones, without anything else. Together we can achieve anything, so lets us drag you into the world of drones and let’s meet our expectations together. It is a fun and interesting quest.