Common drone regulations

Flying your drone can be fun and dangerous at the same time. In many incidents, people have caused multiple accidents to individuals and property. You could end up hurting yourself and other people due to negligence, accidents or machine error. This is why different governments have put up rules and regulations that guarantee your safety and the safety of the people around you.

Take a look at these rights and regulation for drone owners

Some people buy the drone for fun while others will use it to make money. Personal recreational drones have much less strict rules as compared to business drones. in some states or countries if you are looking to make cash out of your drone, you will need to pass some state and get certified. Once you get the certificate, there are endless money making possibilities. You can take aerial images and videos for sale; work on weddings and real estate and even film productions.

You need to register your drone, whether it is for recreational use or not. You don’t have to worry about the price; registration can be as cheap as 5 dollars and bellow and may last you up to one year.  You can register all your drones under the same price and fly them until the registration expires. After registration, you are assigned an ID which you will need to stick on the drone. Registration will also depend on the size limit of the drone and the regulations.

The basic rules for flying your drone are not usually provided by the manufacturer. All you get are the basics of how to fly it. Before you take it out for a flight, ensure you know all the rules. Basic regulations for flying the drone include; flying below 400 feet, keeping the drone within your sight, avoid flying the drone near airports, tall buildings, over people, over government and public buildings and finally don’t fly under the influence of alcohol. You should be a fair distance of 5 miles when flying your drone near an operational airline.  There are mobile applications available to warn you of safe distances against such restricted areas.

If you do not follow the rules, you are bound to fall into some trouble with other people or property. Sometimes, the conflict may not even be your fault.  If people decide to shoot out or knock off your drone while it is in flight mode, the first action you should take is calling the authorities to diffuse the situation.  If you are flying over a property or a person, try to be civil with the individual and show them some video footage to encourage them that you are not after any trouble.

Final word

Don’t get me wrong, flying your drone can be so much fun and gives you an opportunity to capture amazing images. Following the rules will not make it any less enjoyable. Don’t forget to use some common sense during the flight. Choose the right time and the right weather when flying the drone.