Drone security risks

When drones were first created, they were purely scientific but now they can be used for recreational and commercial purposes. The commercial use has created business opportunities for thousands of people and this is only the beginning. Even though they bring about numerous profits, drones also have concerning security risks that may cause a negative impact on a business or company.  Industrial drones are not an exemption; they have a simple computer system that doesn’t have a high security system.  National securities are also worried about terrorist weaponizing these devices and using them as potential threats

Let’s look at some major drone risks

Invading airspaces and landmarks

Incidents of people crashing their drones in landmarks and private property have increased drastically.  Most are documented due to the development of the camera drone. Government facilities and private property crashes have brought up concerning issues about security.  Although there are regulations set up to prevent flights in such areas, people don’t seem to be following through.

Personal assault has increased

The increase of drone users has led to increase of drone to person collisions. Some of them may be intentional while others may just be accidental. The issue is that a drone is more than capable of causing serious injuries, even fatal once. This has led to increase in fear among individuals.

A threat to passenger planes

 Even though there are regulations of flying above 400 feet, some drone users tend to break them. You find people flying way above the required height. Cases have been reported of drones almost crushing into large airplanes, often near runways. This poses a major security risk to passengers in any plane as it can cause a fatal accident.

Interference with air ambulances

Air ambulances have become common in first world countries, and so have drones. This has led to multiple incidents of drones creating some sort of interference with the medical treatment drones. For instance, flying a drone near a landing can cause a delay, which could be the difference between life and death of an individual. A drone could also collide with an air ambulance, causing a major accident.

People can use them as drug smuggling tools

Some companies are looking into using drones for delivery. This means they will have enough space to carry heavy items. If they fall into the wrong hands, they could be used as drug smuggling tools. It will also be easy t smuggle things in and out of prisons, which is a major concern.

Knocking out power

There are major security concerns of hacker taking out power grids using a drone. This means they could have control of a country’s or even a nation’s source of electricity. Even though the technology is not as strong the possibility that it could pose a major risk in the future is very strong.

Thwarting some rescue missions

Fires, floods and other catastrophes always call for public attention. During such crisis, the rescuers do their jobs as others wait for feedback. With drone cameras in place, they could watch the entire situation. But these drones pose a great risk to the rescuers; they can easily prevent them from doing their jobs.  Unauthorised thrones can block the way of a fire-fighter, preventing them from their missions.