How to fly a drone – a guide for beginners

Drones have been around for quite a long time, this means that people have been flying them for years.  If you are a beginner, you definitely don’t want to purchase a professional craft. There are too many possibilities you will crash and damage it within the first few tries of flying.  Professionals have a few cheaper alternatives which can help you learn how to fly without having to spend too much money or risk it with damages. Other alternatives include spending more time with people who own quad copters and learning how to fly them; the issue is you will really need the first hand experience to be a pro.

Here is how you can learn how to fly the drone

The first step is to read all the instructions that are provided by the manufacturer .do not but a drone unless they come with instructions. The manufacturer is fully responsible of providing you with knowledge of all the features and operations of the drone. This information is very important in case any problems pop up.

Don’t forget to charge the quadcopter battery.  Even the ready to fly drones need a charge before they go out in the air. The drone is fully powered by the battery so it makes zero sense to go out without checking on the power. You won’t be able to fly for a long time if the batter is low; you are also risking a crush.

Before switching on the transmitter, ensure the quadcopter throttle is pulled down. Only then should you connect the batteries. When you are finished flying you should be able to disconnect this in reverse order. You are now ready to take off.  When working with a throttle, slowly push it upwards and the drone will take off from the ground. A forward and backward lean can be compensated with a pitch command.

Hold your position for a few minutes and ensure the drone is balanced. This will help you learn all the basic manoeuvres concerned with balancing, taking off and landing before you get to the complex stuff. Take your time and learn how to use the rotating commands efficiently.  The basic anatomy of the transmitter contains the left, which controls the yaw and throttle and the right which controls the roll and pitch.  Getting to know these controls will help you understand the concepts of flying the drone. Using the drone controller directions should be as easy as playing a video game with a controller. If you have played video games before then you can use those controller skills. 

Practice more by using the combination of different skills on the right and the left side of the controller, after a couple of days, a number of tries and some few crashes, you will get the hang of it. One of the biggest mistake people make is flying the drone too far away. Remember, you are not a professional yet and you could cause many damages and fatal accidents. Take care of the drone by cleaning it every time you are done with practice. Don’t forget to check on the parts and ensure their working well before you fly it.